Japanese-Style Ebony Plate Simple Eight-Deformed Dinner Plate Wooden Tray


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The whole body is flat, and the edges are carefully polished without burrs and without hurting the hand. The touch is soft, comfortable and natural;
The polishing is meticulous, the process, starting from the fine polishing, do not miss every detail;
The wood is formed naturally, and the texture and color of each product cannot be guaranteed to be the same.
There are inevitably some manual differences in hand-made products. In addition to manual measurement, small pieces such as spoons and chopsticks are allowed to have a difference of 0.3cm.
The class allows a floating difference of 0.5cm, mind shooting carefully.
Wooden products are not suitable for high-temperature electrical appliances, microwave ovens, etc., do not cook in boiling water, do not soak for a long time, and do not expose to the sun, please know.

Size: 20×20 cm, 25×25 cm, 30×30 cm
Shape: Irregular
Quantity: 3 pcs/set
Material: Wood

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